Defender of Dragons

It is Alskan’s duty to capture and enslave the human/serpent hybrids known as dragons, and her success is unprecedented. That is, until the dragon Baldasarre steals the precious artifact with which she lures them. When her family is executed for its devastating loss, Alskan must either allow her vendetta to ensure the extinction of Baldasarre’s kind or submit to the radical teachings of an eccentric mentor, forgive the dragon, and free the oppressed race.

Haunted Yuletide

The “Holiday Spirit” just got terrifying.
As the year comes to its end and the frigid night hours reach their peak, the old tradition of winter ghost tales makes its return. Christmas ghosts, Solstice spirits, New Year’s phantoms, and even armies of killer snowmen haunt the pages of these stories of the supernatural.

Including my short story “Love Me, I Pray”.

Falling Through Stars

First draft – complete

Second draft – complete

Third draft – complete

Fourth draft – complete

This book is currently in production with publication expected in summer 2021.

Eagle Haven: Memoir of an Alaskan Childhood

First draft – 50%

Untitled Defender of Dragons sequel

Word count: 7342

Other Publishing Credits

“Booty” Literary Society of West Jordan’s February 2021 writing contest winner

“Cinder” DragonComet Short Story Contest 2016 adult division 2nd place winner

Co-authored two articles published in the book A Gathering of Saints in Alaska

“Connection” poem published in Southern Virginia College “Paladin” newspaper

“Autumn” poem published in “The Friend” magazine