Freelance Services for Authors

Proofreading: $.008/word

Typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar, layout errors, etc.

Copyediting: $.009/word

Chapter sequencing, dialogue tags, timeline/environment/character traits consistency, etc.

Developmental editing: $.006/word

Plot, structure, characterization, pace, viewpoint, narrative style, tense, etc.

Line editing: $.01/word

Cliché metaphors, show vs. tell, repetition, over writing, dialogue properly conveys voice/mood, word choice, etc.

Other editing: $25

Back cover blurb, query letter, author bio, etc.

For a list of books I’ve edited or proofread, click here.


Headings, drop cap, paragraph after break, ornamental break, title page, copyright, dedicatio, chapters, acknowledgments, about the author, praise page, also by page, block quotations and alignment, header/footer, body of text, etc.

Epub (for KDP upload) and PDF formats provided, other formats available upon request.

Advanced reader copy/generic final – $200

Final with chapter headings/title page/ornamental breaks provided by your artist – $300

Final with chapter headings/title page/ornamental breaks and images (maps, illustrations, etc.) provided by your artist – $400

Final with specific fonts for chapter headings/title page/ornamental breaks provided by me – $500

For a list of books I’ve formatted, click here.

Please use contact form to request services. Send me the first five pages and I will do the requested service and return the sample work to you. You may then decide whether to hire me.


As a self-published author, I know that putting a book out there can be extremely expensive. I want to make your dream of being published obtainable! Here are my deals to make that happen.

1. Buy one service, get one half off.

2. Buy two services, get one free.


“Olsen’s editing helped me find the flaws in my story; she has a talent for refining pacing and prose.”

J. A. Devenport, author of By Raven’s Call

“I feel as if I have been quite blessed to find Staci. She is very personable, and has been quite pleasant to work with, very good at communicating, and this is highly important to me.”

Deanna King, author of Twist of Fate

“I am so grateful to have had Staci edit my manuscript. From specific grammatical choices to more big-picture storyline insights, her expert editorial assistance has been invaluable. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and caring, and I felt incredibly supported throughout the editing process and as I read through the completed edits. Her edits rekindled my writing fire, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.”

Kyra Droog, author of Revenge (forthcoming)