Schism Book Review

Schism by James Wymore

Genre: Science fiction with some fantasy and steampunk elements

Rating: 4/5 stars

While transporting spices, Jake’s airship is attacked. In order to save his ship from the curse placed upon it, Jake must negotiate for peace between two warring factions. If he’s successful, he could win safety and stability for himself and his girlfriend, but if he loses, he’d have to give up his precious airship. If he loses his airship, he loses his livelihood, and most likely his life.

Wymore plunged into the action and hooked me right away. The writing and setting felt fresh. I could have easily spent more time in this world and would have preferred a full-length novel.

What I liked: The setting is a different planet that does not rotate, so the only liveable area is the zone between the too hot and too cold sides. People live inside caves that are down in cracks and chasms. It was very unique.

What I didn’t like: The plot felt rushed. Elements of the story were introduced without much explanation or build-up. The conclusion felt too easy.

I recommend this book for anyone 13 and older. Read if you enjoy Brandon Sanderson, Firefly (TV show), Final Fantasy RPGs, or Dune.

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