Dream Breaker Book Review

Dream Breaker by Jason King

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 5/5 stars

Dareth has been hired to protect the High Priest from assassination. But while refilling his magical reserves, the assassin confronts him, and Dareth learns that the religion and politics he believes in may be corrupted.

This story was not long enough! I loved the characters and the magic system and the setting. It was all fantastic, and I’d really enjoy a full-length novel in this world.

What I liked: The textbook Dareth read while studying his magic kept inserting explanatory lines into his thoughts. It was amusing.

What I didn’t like: The beginning of the story is a great big info dump about the magic system, so it was kind of a slog to get to the interesting part. The cover isn’t great because it conveys absolutely nothing about the story.

Read if you enjoy short stories, Brandon Sanderson, Terry Brooks, or Weis and Hickman.

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